Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jesse Jackson on Fox

How the Jesse Jackson Episode Should Instruct Us:
  • Fox (Faux) News (Noise) is not an authentic channel for informing the public on current events.
  • Faux Noise is a propaganda-driven business. They are only in it for the Gotcha's.
  • Only second-class liberals, in dire need of a 2nd income, appear on this conduit: the likes of Jesse Jackson and Dick Morris. (Who did I leave out?)
  • Faux Noise should be boycotted by Democratic Party campaigns this year. No interviews. No debates. Nothing.
End of story.


Vigilante said...

You can say that again, Doc! All of it! Bears repeating, until it sinks in!

MacDaddy said...

I agree. Fox News should be boycotted. I especially hate the gotcha politics aimed at making liberals or progressives look as bad as possible. Since it plays gotcha, what was Rev. Jackson thinking?

Messenger said...

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Messenger said...

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